Beat 3 - Reserve Release Party

What a party! Thanks to all the folks that came to drink whiskey and eat barbeque. We have wonderful local fans. Thanks to Shannon our guest wine and spirits extraordinaire. Shannon not only gave a mini tasting class with each sample pour, but looked marvelous while standing behind the bar. Shannon, if I drink more whiskey will I grow taller? Katie, our resident musician and songwriter, performed original songs that she made up on the spot. Evan our photographer and cocktail creator. took pictures and kept track of who won the bottles of custom barbeque sauce. The sauce was made with our whiskey by Andrew of Riverside Barbeque. Andrew is a wizard, alchemist, potion master....he made this amazing sauce just for us. Beets added sweetness and a lovely color to the sauce. Keith...words escape me, that's why we need Keith. Thanks to Drew, Precia, and Torin for supporting the family business. My lovely children made sure I had dinner and a beverage waiting at home. The Auburn ale from Able Ebenezer was a lovely drink to finish the day with. Of course I had to have a wee cocktail with the Reserve. Evan mixed an amazing cocktail with Beat 3 Reserve and maraschino liqueur. Torin, we missed you at the event but, I understand you had to attend your first weekend of duty with the National Guard.

For all ya'll who missed the party don't worry. We are planning the next release party. We will be unveiling our spiced honey liqueur this fall. Check back for updates.