Hancock Inn - A hidden NH Gem

It's been way too long since I posted anything here, but now I just have to say something. Cindy and Andy just had a wonderful time at the Hancock Inn where we had a whiskey tasting and dinner with whiskey author and blogger Chuck Cowdry.

First, the Inn. Housed in a 200+ year old residence, the Inn provides Bed and Breakfast accommodations, plus an impressive restaurant, plus a bar, plus a beautiful setting. You get the picture: plus, plus, plus... Just go, eat, drink, and relax.

I only just discovered Chuck's writings when we were invited up to take part in the tasting. He is an absolute crusader for our industry. Granted, the rules for liquor production are just plain Byzantine. However, there are many areas that are relatively straight forward to understand, and one would think, for any distillery with reasonably bright people to understand... AND FOLLOW. It's the "following" part that a number of manufacturers seem to be having a hard time with. Basically, there's a truth in advertizing issue and Chuck is holding people accountable. Huzzah! Now go read Chuck's blogs, and maybe buy a book or two. I will.