500 hundred years ago, a Lithuanian monk discovered the magic of spiced honey and spirits. This golden Liqueur was adopted by Polish families who considered it a symbol of family and friendship, using it to honor their most special guests. Intense spices are blended with New Hampshire wild-flower honey, then aged in small whiskey barrels for ultimate smoothness. Enjoy this timeless drink hot or cold.

Saturday, 27-Sep-14, Krupnik Sneak Peak
Come meet the beekeepers and sample their product...and maybe even learn a little about...the bee.
We'll have Krupnik to sample, and we can give you a tour of the Krupnik Process.

Saturday, 1-Nov-14, Krupnik Release Party
It's coming off the barrel and into the bottle. The feds approved the label (yay!) Come sample the goodness (again...) and maybe even buy a bottle...or two.